All about Southland Fiberglass, Spa and Sauna...

About Southland Fiberglass

Our motto has always been "Provide a superior product with outstanding workmanship at a reasonable price." If you're a value conscious buyer like I am, then you know that professional quality doesn't cost - It pays. That's why we've been so diligent and critically minded in choosing just the right brands of fiberglass pools, spas, hot tubs and sunrooms to offer our clients.

My name is Danny Holdbrooks, and I've been in the spa/hot tub and fiberglass pool business for more than 35 years. In 1979, I manufactured our fiberglass spas in our factory located in Haleyville Alabama. Last time I checked, we still have hundreds of happy homeowners using our hot tubs that were built 10, 20 and even 30 years ago. My experience in manufacturing fiberglass spas had a lot to do with us choosing to work exclusively with fiberglass pools in general, and Aloha Fiberglass Pools in particular. Will far and away surpassed that of any vinyl liner or Gunite. (I've always believed that if everyone knew as much about fiberglass, vinyl liner and Gunite as I do, then no one would ever invest big money in an inferior product. Everyone would knowingly choose fiberglass.)

Why We Recommend Fiberglass Pools

Let me summarize the key reasons we think fiberglass pools are by far the superior choice:

1. SUPERIOR STRENGTH - Our fiberglass shells from Aloha are considered to be in the neighborhood of 17 times stronger than gunite or concrete. That's why we don't hesitate to over a 75 year warranty on the strength of our Aloha shells. (Vinyl liner pools don't come anywhere close to the strength of gunite, much less fiberglass pools.)

2. SUPERIOR FINISH - The smooth, super-hard finish of our Aloha pool shells will never need replacing. (Unlike plaster/gunite pools and vinyl-liner pools - both of which need their interiors replaced every 5 to 15 years.)

3. SUPERIOR FLEXIBILITY - If (or WHEN) the ground around your pool expands, contracts or otherwise shifts, the strong but flexible fiberglass shell will absorb significant pressure without becoming damaged. (A gunite pool, on the other hand, will literally crack, crumble and leak when too much pressure is applied.)

4. LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP - It's a well-proven fact that fiberglass pools use significantly less chemicals than gunite and vinyl-liner pools. This is because (unlike vinyl and plaster), the super-hard fiberglass surface is impervious to chemicals.

5. FASTEST INSTALLATION - Gunite pools typically take many months to install, whereas a fiberglass shell can be installed, filled with water and ready for swimming in a matter of DAYS. (That's why the "Home Makeover" shows always use FIBERGLASS when a new pool is part of a 5-day home-makeover project.)

Why People Love Southland Fiberglass

Here are some of the reasons so many people rave about southland Fiberglass:

1) Outstanding product choices and installation services.

2) Constant focus on providing a "superior product with outstanding workmanship at a reasonable price."

3) Always taking the time to make sure the customer gets what they want.

4) 35 years without a single BBB complaint.

Questions? Give us a call at (205) 486-7919.

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